As SWWMINC began designing our swimwear to mesh and coordinate with its intended, Themed Websites, it became considerably obvious that this could be an extraordinary opportunity to integrate a Cross-Promotional, Cross-Marketing and/or Co-Branding platform in to SWWMINC with non-competing, active, water-based businesses.


It just felt right to have a water-based product associated with a close-knit cohesive, non-competitive water-based product to complement each other’s products.  


This was how SWWMFUSION became a division of SWWMINC


We imagine only a mutually, higher interest and added credibility to both a water-based businesses product Cross-Promoted with our swimwear. Having a mutual Target-Market could only bring about a true, win-win scenario of both Brand Building and Sales for both you and us.


Businesses that immediately came to mind were those who had viewers and buyers that shared a mutual love of water and would benefit from introducing and exposing them to items they were most likely both going to be shopping for.


will sponsor Special Events and Celebrations. Create our own Forums, Blog actively and specific Group Discussions will also be formed on Travel, Activities, Places and, of course, feature our large variety of swimwear and promote our SWWMGIRLS.


Although in its infancy, we are aggressive to find those businesses with the best match to do this with, deliver superior content and take our Target Market for an exhilarating ride through the activities they love to do and the items they need to do it.


Although we would consider this a small list from an overall massive, year-round, global industry. If you are involved in any of the following businesses, we would love to hear from you and see what amazing work and intriguing projects we could do together.


  • Snorkeling

  • Surfing

  • Windsurfing

  • Water-Based and Nature Photographers

  • Kayaking

  • Product Introduction

  • Diving

  • Fin-Swimming

  • Water Aerobics

  • Cave-Diving

  • Reef-Snorkeling…



I know we’ve barely scratched the surface of what is, most likely, an extensive list of Cross-Promotional and Cross-Branding businesses whose Target Market is similar to ours. Primarily, those into health, exercise, and fashion through water-based, fun, and exhilarating, out-door, water-based activities.


Also, those in the business of building or photographing exotic swimming pools, relevant architecture, and the massive activities of the Travel Industry which, is a huge and active online industry.


As a 16-year experienced, niche swimwear manufacturer, we are extremely flexible and capable of assembling specialty swimwear and amazing presentational packaging to compliment any business. We have found through extensive research, that a well paired business engaged in Cross Promotion is actually better than even the best SEO. That alone is a powerful reason to seriously consider this often, overlooked activity.


We would love input and thrive on the unique, unusual, and the truly special.

With the right business or individual this would certainly be a true win-win endeavor.


We welcome any and all ideas. Big and small, mainstream to outrageous. If it makes sense, we can put it together.




  • Launch 4 of 8, truly unique and amazing websites.

  • Launch, the first of 5 Specialty Themed Women’s Swimwear Lines, with the remaining lines being launched a few months apart and throughout the year.

  • A “100 SWIMSUIT GIVE-AWAY” Promotional Campaign to girls, hand-picked by us, in only the most breath-taking locations of water, around the world, we have found through months of research.

  • Introduce our unique, SWWMINC created Affiliate Program: Unique, Fun and Profitable, Global Affiliate Programs with very desirable benefits and rewards. We will be looking at only those who actually reside at the location.

  • Initiate a very aggressive Media Campaign to some of the biggest names who deliver information on what’s going on in the swimwear industry. A nearly 30 Billion Dollar a year industry!

  • SWWMINC derived Forums and Blogs.

  • SWWMINC produced videos.

  • SWWMINC produced, custom sound loops made in our private, SWWMINC owned RECORDING STUDIO.

  • The beginning assembly of a very special, SWWMGIRLS calendar.

  • The development of custom SWWMINC swimwear lines products.

  • And more as events spark new and innovative ideas.




We want to grab your attention and consider contacting us about CROSS PROMOTION!

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Contact SWWMGIRLSONLINE at: swwm@swwminc.com