At WATERWEAR.BIZ we are all about Water and the amazing locations around the world that center on Water, the Topography, the Natural and Man-Made Structures that emphasize Water so well.

SWWMGIRL's will offer viewers a glimpse into these amazing locations through stunning photography and video.


Buyers will be amazed by stories and the fascinating history behind these truly, unique, awe-inspiring, exotic locations that they will want to see more.


We will use beautiful, local girls from these locations who can offer the best insight of these places most of us will never get to actually visit.


However, that will be the job of a chosen SWWMGIRL. She will take us on a journey to a chosen location and display our swimwear at these locations.


Now buyers will have a fascinating story behind their purchase of our beautiful  swimwear while they learn a bit about our SWWMGIRL and the location as well.


We will take them on an adventure and all throughout they will see our swimwear in these amazing places.


Through the SWWMINC AFFILIATE PROGRAM, it will enable us to travel the world virtually and work on a vast and diversified number of projects in truly breathtaking locations, with fascinating projects and with some of the most beautiful, young women, hard-working, individuals.

SWWMGIRLS will love working with us!




We live to create and take our work to the limit which we will encourage, and help our Affiliates in any way possible, in many ways, to do the same.


This is not your typical, everyday affiliate program, but one that has gone through an intense brainstorming of ideas. Ideas that we would like our SWWMGIRLS to adopt.


We want SWWMGIRLS to see the intensity and uniqueness that shaped possibly an Affiliate Program that has never been done this way.


You will find that we are generous and passionate about what we do. We work hard, have a great time and hold only the highest regard and respect for those who share our passion with the outdoors, water, and swimwear.

The most important and common factor within any of our Programs is, your dedication to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle, leaving you with an abundance of energy and a fantastic, swimsuit body that our swimwear lines need to fittingly display our designs.

You will need to be aggressive with posting, ambitious, consistent, and have a great attitude. A desire to make, what could be a substantial income and the attention of upwards of 100,000's of people is also possible. It all depends on what you would like to see happen. We impose no limitations on our SWWMGIRLS. Just those that the Social Media sites have in place you will need to abide by.

​Through our Marketing, Promotions, Social Media Presence, Forums, Blogs and 5 Distinct Swimwear Lines planned to be launched throughout the year, there will be countless opportunities for those who would like to be a SWWMGIRLS.


SWWMINC wants to give as many physically active women who share our love of Water and beautiful, unique and diverse swimwear, whatever opportunity you may be looking for or a personal achievement. We realize those opportunities will all be unique among our SWWMGIRL. Well, we're in the position to help you realize your dream, whatever it may be. We can probably put you in the right place at the right time.

We have set an above standard for those girls who would like to participate and to be fair, we have placed high standards and lofty goals on ourselves, mainly because, we have devised not just your standard Affiliate Program but, one that has multiple benefits.


You will never have to work with a "middle man" or a "third party".  Why? We have manufactured swimwear for nearly 16 years. We design, manufacture and sell everything we make which, undoubtedly, is the best position to be in for all concerned.


What it is a fantastic opportunity for a potential SWWMGIRL with both of us utilizing Social Media, Specialized Media, Blogs, Forums, Cross Promotion... Basically, pushing the internet to its max.

It's a true win-win situation for both of us. You will generate a sale, enabling us to keep the Program active, you'll receive a generous commission on all sales that come from your efforts, and it will be fun to do! Nothing like a regular job.

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